We want you to have healthy teeth for life

Dr Basil has been a professional dentist in Annerley, servicing the dental needs of families, for 20 years. When he took over the ownership of the current dental practice, he envisioned a practice with a commitment to preventive dentistry and education and total patient care. This is what his practice stands for.

Our dentist in Annerley

Our goal is to exceed your expectations at every step of your dental treatment. With a strong emphasis on education and prevention, Dr Basil has built his practice on providing a caring and safe environment to give patients the highest quality in oral care, helping them to achieve and maintain healthy teeth, gums and mouth for the rest of their lives.


Good oral hygiene is essential in the prevention of disease, loss of teeth loss and discomfort. This is where the care and attention begins at Dr Basil’s practice, along with a comprehensive range of dental treatments and procedures to refresh your smile and restore function. It is also the reason we offer a new device that achieves painless injections. We are here to provide you and your teeth with the best possible service and our treatments range from routine and preventative dentistry for children and adults.


By using high-tech equipment we are able to deliver the best results with minimal discomfort. Our team and affiliated specialists are trained in the most up-to-date techniques in their field to improve your dental experience.

Dr Basil and the team invite you to explore our website for further information on any of our services, experience, philosophy and holistic approach. When you are ready, please contact our friendly team to arrange a consultation and experience how positive visiting your dentist in Annerley can be.